Case Sodankylä Dining Facility

The 1962-built provisioning centre of the Sodankylä garrison was renovated in late winter 2012. For the duration of the work the kitchen of the provisioning centre moved into temporary accommodation consisting of five expandable Morehouse M75 kitchen containers and numerous refrigerated and freezer containers. Every kitchen container is a functional unit that can be used either as a self-sufficient unit or as a part of a larger system.

The expandable kitchen containers supplied by Morehouse housed the entire cooking process, as well as the packing of food delivered to the field, and the dishwashing. Daily the kitchen containers catered for 1100 conscripts and staff, as well as provided food for the Garrison Hospital. Approximately one third of the meals were transported into the field.

Once the renovation of the provisioning centre was complete, the kitchen container construction was serviced at Morehouse, and some of the containers were delivered for further use at Finnish Defence Forces sites, for example at Santahamina garrison.