Morehouse is a company specialising in the production of special container-base solutions, leading the field with its technological expertise. The company’s customers comprise defense forces, emergency services and private companies.

Morehouse produces high-quality functional solutions for all requirements and conditions as a result of more than twenty years of long-term product development. Morehouse products are used in more than 20 countries from Antarctica to Siberia, from the jungle to the desert. Central to our product development, is the tight-knit cooperation with The Finnish Defence Forces. Many years of experience dealing with challenging projects, training and continuous product development have made Morehouse a frontrunner in moveable functional solutions.

Morehouse products have been utilised in all peacekeeping missions that Finland has taken part in as a Nato Partner since 1995. Morehouse operations comply with the ISO9001 Quality Management System standards, AQAP2110 NATO Quality Assurance standards and ISO14001 Environmental Management System standards.

Morehouse products are designed and developed in cooperation with our customers, based on their needs and wishes.  Our purpose is to offer innovative functional systems to all requirements and conditions. Central to our products is transportability, security and operational readiness anywhere, any time. Morehouse products are designed in cooperation with our customers, based on their wishes.

Morehouse is a family business founded in 1995, based at Rautalampi, Finland. Morehouse turnover is €4.5 million and the company employs 25 professionals in various fields of expertise.